SYM-SIM 2017

International Symposium in the Southern Burgenland Aug. 17 – 20, 2017


Participants: Gabi Cseh, József Papp, Gia Simetzberger, Helga Schalk, Günther Schalk, Wolfgang Keil, Peter Simetzberger, Philipp Simetzberger and Miklós Németh (translator)

Exhibition of art works by: Gabi Cseh, József Papp, Helga Schalk, Gia Simetzberger, Edi Simetzberger, Pete Simetzberger and more artists

Special program: Workshops, culture excursions and culture evening with music

Program, report, photos (English, German): official site of the symposium >>

German info on Gia’s art site:

More English info on the Hungarian’s “Austrian Site”:

The SYM SIM 2018 will take place in August, again.




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