Art Encounters at Feldbach – ARTE NOAH Symposium 2016

For the first time, the City of Feldbach, Styria, Austria, invited artists to a symposium. It took place at the Kunsthalle (art hall) Feldbach from August 18 to 20 – and everyone enjoyed it: the organizing team, the active artists, their friends, visitors, visiting artists…  The huge hall proved to be perfectly fit not only for art exhibitions, but also for doing art work. We hope this fine symposium will be continued. To be honest: I wasn’t invited. I was acceted… Because… The invitation was meant for my son Peter

He was among the ARTE NOAH ÁWARD winners this spring. He is studying for an exam in September right now and thsat is why he apologized himself for missing this wonderful occasion.

The participants:

Artists were present while we were working, ready to give us advice if we asked for: Ludwig Haas, Peter Ruhso, Franz Vass, Wolfgang Wiedner and Charlotte Kleindienst.

We were invited to show some of our earlier works during our stay and at the finissage. Of course I selected old works of my son and we agreed upon finishing some of his unfinished works.

Thanks to the artists Ludwig Haas and Franz Vass, a foto trilogy kept unchanged. I wanted to put some extra light effects on this print of a foto showing lights in a harbour reflecting in the sea. But of them are convinced the trilogy is fascinating the way it is – mystical and giving place for interpretations.


Peter’s works – the trilogy with the light reflections in the middle, on the florr



Some of Peter’s Works, I added the toons (middle) and some colour



Using color rests for some old pics of mine, too



Finishing four old paintings with straw particles, left unfinished from a symposium in Carinthia


First evening – a dinner in the surrounding of Feldbach



The mayor of Feldbach, Mr. Josef Ober, visited us twice – during our dinner and on Saturday aftrnoon at the Kunsthalle (art hall).


I should have taken more photographs. I had a terrible cold and did my best to get along…

Links to all my photos from this event:



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